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Promoting The Gospel of Jesus Christ


Who are we?

We are Christian Believers working voluntarily with one mind and one accord for the furtherance of The Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. We are not in any way connected to The Ecumenical Movement or The Charismatic Movement.

Our duty to God:

Is to commit our lives fully to Him. To love Him - to serve Him - to read and obey His Holy Word and His Commandments. To love all people - to love them enough to tell them the truth of God's Word. To tell everyone of their great need of Salvation, which can only be found, by true repentance of sins, then by faith, trusting Jesus Christ as Saviour. We have a duty to God to 'Earnestly contend for The Faith.' To witness and to warn all people who would be in spiritual danger through involvement in any of the 'ungodly practices' which exist today.

Our Service:

A completely Confidential, non-denominational Telephone Helpline, to listen, encourage and prayerfully support those who are experiencing problems and difficulties. To promote The Lord Jesus Christ as the only hope for mankind in this very dark world. We publish Gospel Literature all of which is free.

Our Purpose:

To provide a Christian witness to all with whom we come in contact - to let them know of the great love and Saving power of The Lord Jesus Christ. To point them to Him - the Only One who holds the key to life and the answer to every problem - JESUS.

Our Aim:

To see a mighty Revival sweep through this land with people coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through Repentance of sins - leading to Salvation - Holiness of Life - Separation from anything and everything that is contrary to God's Word and His Commandments.

Our Book of Instruction:

Our Book of instruction is The Holy Bible - We use only The Authorised Version. We believe all other Translations are a distortion of the truth with many key verses and words omitted which leads to error and confusion.

Is The Christian Helpline affiliated to any particular Church or Denomination?

No. Although we attend a local Non-Denominational Christian Fellowship, the Helpline is not affiliated to this or any other Church or Denomination. We are, therefore in a position to reach out to all sections of the community, no matter what their colour, creed, class culture or age group. Our only desire is to see The Lord Jesus Christ glorified and His Kingdom extended, by multitudes brought out of darkness into His marvellous light.


True believing Prayer is the key. Prayer, Praise and Fellowship with other Believers is absolutely vital for victorious Christian living.